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Another hidden ticker that showed up AFTER it went up over 100%....why not before? Same happened with PURA, CHIT, ESSI, KAYS, etc

Alan Brochstein

Daily dAB captures the most actively traded names (by dollar volume) and is reviewed daily, but to qualify, the 30-day average volume is used. So, if a stock runs a lot on heavy volume, it can take a few days to add it to the list. We goofed on ESSI, though. It should have been added a while ago. I assume you are talking about ICNB?

Honestly, we are trying to keep this list focused on real cannabis companies and not pumps, like several you mentioned (PURA, CHIT), but we do include garbage like ICNB when the 30-day volume warrants.

Hope that helps!

Alan Brochstein

I called out ICNB to 420 Investor members - if you want info like this, perhaps you should join?

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